Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Keep Singing Your Song Leanne Weiss

Artists from everywhere are contacting Next Women of Country with stories to tell and music to share. My next artist shoutout goes to New Jersey raised artist, Leanne Weiss. Leanne, the daughter of two supportive parents, used her childhood as an opportunity to try a little bit of everything. From soccer to basketball, dance and singing Leanne did it all. Feeling out of place as a young teenager, Leanne turned to music and songwriting as a way to express her feelings to those around her. Vocalists from every genre including Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion inspired Leanne through the early stages of songwriting. After high school, Leanne attended Montclair State University majoring in theatre. Alongside her roles on the stage she also performed with a wedding band and in a cabernet.

What really got Leanne to pursue her dream as a country music artist was seeing women of country artist Carrie Underwood perform. Knowing Carrie had been in her position before, it struck Leanne that she herself could achieve the same. Right away Leanne got to work and decided to record her first album while continuing to teach at an elementary school. Working with her friend Chris Badami, Leanne released her latest EP  “Momentum” last November. She plans to spend the new year promoting her new single and playing shows across the country. In the future Leanne hopes to find herself upon the Grand Ole Opry stage and receive awards for her music.

Next Women of Country is excited to see what comes next for this girl and pleased to share the new Official Music Video for Leanne’s EP “Momentum”. (Click Here) Leanne’s music can also be found via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and of course on her website at

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