Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top Ten Music Videos of 2016

Music is a way of expressing a story, while a music video is a whole new challenge on its own. These ten artists took on the making of a music video and gave us a chance to picture their story for ourselves. Here are the top ten music videos of 2016...

1. Chelsea Gill ‘A Little Crazy’

2. Nikki Briar ‘After the New Wears Off’

3. TOWNE ‘Running Into You’

4.Post Monroe ‘Half Hearted’

5. Olivia Lane ‘Make My Own Sunshine’

6. Arista Manning ‘Southern Drawl’

7. Lauren Alaina ‘Road Less Traveled’

8. Alexandria Corn ‘Say It Again’

9. Alex Stern ‘Runaways’

10. Kelleigh Bannen ‘Welcome to the Party’

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