Sunday, February 7, 2016

Award Shows: Why is There Still So Much Inequality?

The ACM Awards, yet another awards show full of well known artists, beautiful gowns, and the year’s hottest tracks. But who are the nominees? Of course male artists Eric Church and Chris Stapleton lead the nominee count with five nominees each, but not far behind them is women of country artist Cam along with the group Little Big Town and yet another male artist, Chris Young. As for entertainer of the year, of the five nominees only one a female. So why is there still so much inequality?

Well that’s because, though improved, the ratio of women played on the radio to men is much less. Yes Carrie Underwood's song “Heartbeat” is played all the time, but you don’t hear more than ten different female artists on the radio over a few hours like you do men. Some say there aren’t enough out there or none “good enough,” but I know I can prove those people wrong. Many I’ve talked to are drawn away from country music, because of what some male artists have done to it. Those not familiar with the genre think of country music and they think of repetitive lyrics about nothing other than drinking, breakups, and driving on tractors. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but as all country music fans know country music is much more. Women are trying to change the way country music is perceived. They want to make an impact on their listeners. And are doing so by telling the sad, challenging, and exciting moments of their lives, turning each song into a story. By creating lyrics that portray everyday events while incorporating the instrumental sound of country music, these artists are giving everyone the chance to connect with their music, no matter the genre they prefer.

Next Women of Country and all of our followers have done so much already to change the ways of country music, but this year I propose that we redefine country music to ensure equality on the charts, on stage, and at the AMA’s.

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