Friday, October 28, 2016

Siana King Knows 'Girls Rule!'

Knowing hard work will get you far, Vegas talent Siana King, is determined to share her music with the world. Though born across the country in Illinois, Siana moved to Vegas as a child where she quickly found a passion for music. Never able to find interest in any other hobby, Siana attended the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts for high school.

In 2015 Siana began playing gigs in the Vegas area including top venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe, Palms Resort, The Orleans, and more. Siana performs both her own music and covers by country music superstars Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, who Siana often looks up to for their humble attitudes and variety of emotional hits. A songwriter herself Siana writes her songs with meaning, hoping to target strong independent women.

Last year, Siana released her first single ‘Girls Rule,’ written by country songwriting legends Buck Moore, Harvey McNalley and Leonard Ahlstrom, which confronts those who discriminate against women. More recently Siana released a single titled ‘Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing’ and plans to release a full length album by early 2017.

Siana would love to tour in the future and continue to write her own music. Entering the music industry with her head held high, Siana King is sure one to look out for. So make sure to check out her music via Amazon, iTunes, and at her website at

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

'Love's Always Gonna Win' in a World With Paulina Jayne

Though she may have grown up in the suburbs of Detroit, Paulina Jayne is no stranger to the music industry. Raised by artistic parents, Paulina took up her mother’s passion of the piano at a young age. By the time she was nine years old Paulina had already begun composing her own music and playing gigs alongside her parents. It was actually in a small cafe where Paulina was first picked up by her management label and realized her music resonated with the country music genre.

Image result for paulina jaynePaulina writes to send a message and reflect her personal view on many of the social issues we are facing today. Knowing we can be greater than the hatred in this world, Paulina, with the help of all star songwriters Trey Bruce and Hailey Steele, wrote her most recent single ‘Love’s Gonna Always Win.’

Growing up surrounded by the influence of Motown, Paulina has always looked up to Stevie Wonder for his ability to match melodies and perform. Paulina has had the opportunity to perform herself and to share the stage with some of country music’s greats including Sheryl Crow, Chase Rice, and Blackberry Smoke.

Ready to make a name for herself in country music, Paulina is thankful for her strong team of producers who have truly believed in her music and were willing to help break down each and every barrier she faced.

Whether at CMA Fest or in a small cafe, Paulina hopes to reach as many people with her music as she can. You can check out her music via Spotify, iTunes, and on her website at, then tell me what you think by tagging @nextwomenofcountry.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ten New Songs of The Week

Get Over Yourself -Charly Reynolds
Missing You -Kristine Wriding
Made to Last -Crystal Yates
That's What I Call Crazy -Kaylee Bell
Change -Elizabeth South 
Maybe More -Bethany Becker
Big Bad World -Jamie Lynn Spears
The Other Side -Mary English
Click Click Bang Bang -Joanna Dee
Always Find Me -Jessica Roadcap

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Go 'A Little Crazy' and Check Out The Story Behind New Artist Chelsea Gill

Image result for chelsea gill
Growing up in Michigan, Chelsea Gill was not accustomed to the country music scene as a child. Regardless she lived the southern lifestyle growing up in a farming community not far from Lansing Michigan, where she began singing at the age of two in church and performing in her school’s musicals.

With her parents as her support system, Chelsea made the move to Nashville. There she realized a love for country music’s ability to tell a story. Working up on stage and behind the scenes, Chelsea is determined to surround herself with inspiration for her music. Her songs are crafted as stories, stories she hopes her listeners can relate and find a personal connection to. Knowing there are “threads of emotions that tie through all of our stories and hearts,” Chelsea hopes to move as many people as she can with her music and powerful vocals.

In April Chelsea released her debut EP with the help of her producer, Steven. Together, with the help of a little laughter, Chelsea finished her EP and began to tackle the art of music videos.
Working with an all star director, Chelsea has released two music videos from her most recent EP.

The idea behind her most recent release, ‘A Little Crazy,’ came to Chelsea while sitting in traffic on the way home from a family reunion. After spending time with her family, she was surprised by the lack of intimacy and spontaneity of her married relatives and decided to write a satire inspired song emphasizing to couples that they should make an effort to keep the spark alive and have fun once in awhile. After the single’s release Chelsea jumped at the idea of a music video. With an emphasis on the ultimate walk of shame, the music video is fun, sexy, and portrays Chelsea’s story perfectly.

Chelsea's next step is to tour and share her music with as many people as possible. She also hopes to produce a full length album one day, hoping to continue inspiring her fans to search for who they really are.

You can find Chelsea’s music via iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and on her website at 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Duo Towne Is Ready to Hit The Town With Their Debut EP 'Games WePlay'

Image result for towne music duo
Both raised in a small town to supportive, but non-musical parents, Jon Decious and Steevie Steeves of the Duo Towne found a passion for music and were courageous enough to take the next step on the way to becoming an artist. Both selected to attend a songwriting camp in Wyoming, the two met and quickly realized they were close neighbors back in Nashville. Returning home the two began to collaborate and quickly become friends. Though the duo tried dating for a short time, they choose to put all love aside and place their efforts towards their music. Towne’s music is unique and honest, as both Jon and Steevie perspire to write songs that have a purpose and tell their story. Incorporating the sounds of the 60’s, the south, and rock n’ roll, Towne’s sound is like no other and brings each song to life.

In March the duo released their debut EP ‘Games We Play’ and began touring. Partners in crime and each other’s support system, the two are inseparable and plan to keep making music far into the future. Having already achieved success beyond their wildest dreams, Jon and Steevie can’t wait for what’s next. The duo hopes to produce a full length album one day, but mostly hopes to reach as many people as they can with their music. Knowing that it’s easy to get defeated in the music industry, Towne recommends to “be the best of yourself” and stand out rather than try to fit in, because you’ll never be better at doing what someone else does best.

Theatrical, humourous, and living the dream, Towne is destined for success. The duo’s most recent accomplishment was their music video for their song ‘Runnin’ Into You,’ which plays off the story of the duo’s relationship. You can check out the full video here and the remainder of their music can be found via iTunes, Spotify, and their website at

Monday, October 17, 2016

Start Off The Week Right With These Ten New Songs To Check Out

A Little Crazy -Chelsea Gill
That's What's Up -Caleche Ryder
Bring Out My Bed -Angela Sue Cheslock
Country Music -Kate Hasting Band
Not the One For Me -Ceri-Rose
Four and a Half Minutes -Kristen Foreman 
Homesick -Paulina Jayne
Kisses At Airports -Cassadee Pope 
Clock Don't Stop -Carrie Underwood
Be You -Brittany Kennell 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Texas Tech Study Confirms That Women in Country Songs Are More Objectified Than Ever

A Texas Tech study led by Eric Rasmussen, Ph.D., a professor at Tech’s College of Media and Communication, found that country music songs studied from 2010 onward objectified women more than in country songs studied from the 1990s and 2000s.
Country songs from the last six years compared to decades before them talked more about women’s appearances, talked more about women in tight or revealing clothing, compared women to objects more often, referred more to women by slang instead of real names, talked less about women being empowered and talked less about women in non-traditional roles.
All of the above criteria were true for modern country songs sung by men, but not by women. But, modern songs sung by women were more likely to refer to women as distrustful or cheaters than songs in the 2000s.
In an interview with “Texas Tech Today,” Rasmussen said he blames the rise of Bro-country and pop’s crossover into the genre.
“You hear about crossover country where it has incorporated lyrics and beats and other characteristics of pop,” Rasmussen said. “Country music is not that old, but it’s not steel guitars anymore. It doesn’t have that twang anymore. It’s more pop, more mainstream and the ratings are driving it.”
Rasmussen, a father to four girls, also said he started the study because “research shows this type of music can have an effect on people. If this is the message they hear, they’ll think it’s acceptable and normal, and people normally try to go with the flow and match their attitude to what they think is acceptable in society. But we want to educate people about what’s happening, that the media does have an effect and that it’s not OK to demean women in this way.”
Jake Harris

Monday, October 10, 2016

The CMA Awards Nominees Are In

Image result for cma awards
It’s the 50th Anniversary for the CMA Awards which air November 2nd and everyone from Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert to Maren Morris and Cam are going to be there. Yet once again the nominees for entertainer of the year consist of mostly men, with the exception of artist Carrie Underwood, who along with Maren Morris will be performing this year. Luckily the CMA Awards have included an all female category, which features all five of the women whose music is played on the radio… Can you guess who? (full list of nominees below)

Regardless the CMA Awards are going to be a blast this year and are a must see for any country music fan. So tune in to ABC live on Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. CT.
Full List of Nominees:
Entertainer Of The Year
Garth Brooks
Luke Bryan
Chris Stapleton
Carrie Underwood
Keith Urban

Single of the Year
(Award goes to Artist, Producer(s), and Mix Engineer(s))

“Die a Happy Man,” Thomas Rhett
Produced by Dann Huff and Jesse Frasure
Mix Engineered by Justin Niebank
The Valory Music Co.

“Humble and Kind,” Tim McGraw
Produced by Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw
Mix Engineered by Byron Gallimore
Big Machine Records

“My Church,” Maren Morris
Produced by busbee and Maren Morris
Mix Engineered by Dave Clauss and busbee
Columbia Nashville/Sony Music Nashville

“Nobody To Blame,” Chris Stapleton
Produced by Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton
Mix Engineered by Vance Powell
Mercury Nashville/Universal Music Group Nashville

“Record Year,” Eric Church
Produced by Jay Joyce
Mix Engineered by Jay Joyce and Jason Hall
EMI Records Nashville/Universal Music Group Nashville

Album of the Year
Dierks Bentley, Black
Maren Morris, Hero
Eric Church, Mr. Misunderstood
Keith Urban, Ripcord
Carrie Underwood, Storyteller

Song of the Year
(Award goes to Songwriter(s))
“Burning House,” Camaron “Cam” Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Jeff Bhasker
“Die a Happy Man,” Sean Douglas, Thomas Rhett, and Joe Spargur
“Humble and Kind,” Lori McKenna
“My Church,” busbee and Maren Morris
“Record Year,” Eric Church and Jeff Hyde

Female Vocalist of the Year
Kelsea Ballerini
Miranda Lambert
Maren Morris
Kacey Musgraves
Carrie Underwood

Male Vocalist of the Year
Dierks Bentley
Eric Church
Tim McGraw
Chris Stapleton
Keith Urban

Vocal Group of the Year
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Old Dominion
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

Vocal Duo of the Year
Brothers Osborne
Dan + Shay
Florida Georgia Line
Joey + Rory
Maddie & Tae

Musical Event of the Year
“Different For Girls,” Dierks Bentley feat. Elle King
[Capitol Records Nashville / Universal Music Group Nashville]

“Home Alone Tonight,” Luke Bryan featuring Karen Fairchild
[Capitol Records Nashville / Universal Music Group Nashville]

“The Fighter,” Keith Urban (featuring Carrie Underwood)
[Hit Red Records / Capitol Records Nashville / Universal Music Group Nashville]

“Think Of You,” Chris Young (duet with Cassadee Pope)
[RCA Nashville / Sony Music Nashville]

“You Are My Sunshine,” Morgane Stapleton with Chris Stapleton
[Low Country Sound / Elektra Records]

Musician of the Year
Jerry Douglas, Dobro / Lap Steel Guitar
Paul Franklin, Steel Guitar
Dann Huff, Guitar
Brent Mason, Guitar
Derek Wells, Guitar

Music Video of the Year
“Burning House,” Cam
“Fire Away,” Chris Stapleton
“Humble and Kind,” Tim McGraw
“Record Year,” Eric Church
“Somewhere On A Beach,” Dierks Bentley

New Artist of the Year
Kelsea Ballerini
Brothers Osborne
Maren Morris
Old Dominion
Cole Swindell

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why Support Women in the Music Industry?

Image result for carrie underwood 2015
From the Grammy’s to the Country Music Association Awards, women are found being discriminated against in the music industry. Last year of the 135 nominees at the Grammy Awards women didn’t even make up a third of the total nominated and the sexism doesn’t just end there. Take a look at the charts for example, in 2015 only 15 women made Billboard’s top 100 list and only a year ago two leading ladies, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, represented all women on the  country music charts.

So that’s why I am supporting women in the music industry, but what will it take for us all to see more women on the radio?

The main thing a fan can do is (legally) download music from the artists they like, which sends a message to the labels and radio that supporting those artists could be good business. Don’t just complain there’s nothing you like — get engaged, get involved, call your local radio station and ask for what you want, and let them know you want and would support higher fare.

In the meantime, instead of complaining about the lack of women on the radio, let’s focus on the fact that female artists are creating such strong work right now, and celebrate the fact that we as fans get to access that work online, via satellite radio, NPR and especially through attending live shows by those artists. We’re lucky to be living in an age and time when we don’t have to sit around waiting for a song we like to come on the radio — we can go find whatever we want, whenever we want, and that winds up providing enough financial support for those artists to make a good enough living to continue doing what they’re doing.

So make sure to join these female artists in their fight for equality in the music business by following Next Women of Country and New Women of Music via Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, and more!

By New Women of Music

Friday, October 7, 2016

Lauren Davidson's New EP 'Hear Me' Is Available Now!

October 7, 2016 -- It’s here! Brooklyn born artist, Lauren Davidson, has just released her debut EP “Hear Me,” and she owes all her success to her upbringing. Born into a musical family, Lauren was always exposed to music. From singing lessons to dance classes, Lauren’s childhood was driven by musical theatre. By the age of 10 Lauren was starring in multiple theatre productions and found herself comfortable up on stage. Continuing her passion for musical theatre into college, Lauren found herself ready for a change. So Lauren made the switch to pursue her own musical journey and has since found herself as an independant artist.

Not a native of the south, Lauren's music pulls from the pop singer-songwriter genre, but also incorporates elements of contemporary country. Lauren’s songs are personal and convey both her own experiences and emotions. Her newest EP “Hear Me” features country inspired songs in a style that is uniquely her own.

As for the future, Lauren hopes to tour the world, release a full length album, and hear her song on the radio. Best of all Lauren hopes to inspire all women in the music industry to go after their dreams and fly, stating “don’t listen to the haters and keep making music! [Because] us women gotta stick together.”

So keep your eye out for new talent Lauren Davidson as she makes her way into the music scene. And don’t forget to check out ‘Hear Me’ via Spotify, Soundcloud iTunes, and by clicking here.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ten New Songs to Check Out This Week

Image result for The hobbs sistersBoomerang -The Hobbs Sisters
Signs Along the Road -Lockwood Barr
He's Just Not That Into You -Kalie Shorr
Already Gone -Alex Stern
Morning Coffee -Jenny Ray
The Lucky One -Amber Lawrence
Silver Linning -Kelly McGrath 
Workin' on Whiskey -Jessica Mitchell 
When I'm Gone -Kate Voegele
I Could Use a Love Song -Maren Morris 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

When One Door Closes Another One Opens for New Artist Camille Rae

Image result for camille rae
Small town artist Camille Rae may see herself as shy but with the stage as her home, Camille can’t help but share her love of music with the world. Born and raised in Kentucky, where her family currently resides, Camille was the first to break away from the small town life. Though missed, Camille’s family has been supportive through all her endeavors. In fact, Camille's Aunt was a singer herself and always encouraged Camille to sing in her local church choir.

With country roots and an old sound, Camille knew she was destined to be a country artist. Inspired by 90’s talent, Reba and Martina McBride, Camille hopes her music is a reflection of their strength. Camille’s music is personal and empowering. Camille hopes her listeners find comfort in her music and have fun singing along.

In August, Camille released her newest single ‘But I Want You.’ Written by artists with a similar sound, Camille found the song fun and easy to sing. About that person you really want to want but cannot have, ‘But I Want You’ is relatable and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Independant and a self-starter, Camille is in it for more than just the fame and fortune. Camille hopes to open up more doors and sign with a major label in the near future. She also believes that “if you have the desire in your blood… just keep going and trust those who believe in you.”  

A believer in women ready to enter the country music scene, I hope you all take the chance to check out Camille’s newest single ‘But I Want You’ via Spotify, iTunes, and on her website at