Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Story Behind "Southern Belle' Jordyn Mallory

Mississippi born, Jordyn Mallory, was introduced to music at a young age. From church to benefit concerts and nursing homes Jordyn took any opportunity she could to share her music with her community. Though inspired by many of country music’s greats, Jordyn has always looked up to one women of country artist in particular, Faith Hill. Jordyn, at a young age, was in awe of Faith Hill’s vocals as well as the fact that she was from Mississippi herself. Through middle and high school Jordyn was a cheerleader, but when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up it was a no brainer to Jordyn that she wanted to be a singer. With that in mind Jordyn sped up her high school years, taking extra classes over the summer, before setting off to pursue a career in Nashville.

Once in Nashville Jordyn embraced the atmosphere of the country music scene and had the honor of opening for Loretta Lynn, Colt Ford, and Jake Owen. Jordyn can also be found in Jason Aldean’s music video for “Dirt Road Anthem.” Later she auditioned for Season 11 of American Idol, where she earned herself a ticket to Hollywood after receiving three yeses from the judges. More recently Jordyn has released her debut self-titled EP and hopes to perform beside some of country music’s best.

Jordyn also hopes to make a name for herself in country music. She aspires to receive CMA and ACM awards for her music and to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan, a magazine near and dear to her heart. Jordyn plans to inspire girls to go after their dreams and encourages all to “just stick with it.”

A young storyteller with a big future ahead of her, Jordyn Mallory is a girl on a mission. One who we, here at Next Women of Country, are rooting for. So make sure to check out her newest EP feat. Jordyn’s favorite song “Boy To Blame” via Spotify, iTunes, and on her website at

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ten New Songs to Check Out

Believers -Megs Mclean
Glorious -Lucy Scholl
Lucky One -Post Monroe
Rollercoaster -Stephanie Quayle
Backroad Memories -Laura Ashley
Girl Tonight -Natalie Stovall and The Drive
Midnight Bandits -Alex Stern
You and Me -Celeste Kellogg
Drinking About You -Haley & Michaels
Side Effects -Tara Thompson
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ten New Songs To Check Out

Broken -Aileeah Colgan
Barricade -Emily Joy
Fighter -Annie Bosko
Dare Ya -Carly Pearce
Walk Away -Presley Sullivan 
Pretty Boy -Ania Hammar
Burn Like Whiskey -Jamie Suttle
Believe -Aleyce Simmonds
Southern Soul - Abbi Walker
A Crying Shame -Kimberly Kelly 

Rolling Stone Better Watch Out For New Artist Parker McKay

New women of country artist Parker McKay dreams to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and plans to achieve just that by putting everything she’s got into her music. Inspired by old country favorites, The Dixie Chicks and Sheryl Crow, Parker just knew that she wanted to pursue a music career. From Pittsburgh to Nashville and finally New York City Parker attended four different colleges including AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in Manhattan where she caught the attention of big name label, Live Nation. With this connection Parker had the opportunity to open for The Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry.

In late 2014 Parker made the move to Nashville where she discovered a community of talented and creative individuals who made it easy for Parker to adjust to her new surroundings. This move led to even greater opportunities for Parker and a chance to refine her sound. Reflecting on her experiences in the land of country music Parker advises that in “nashville people don't care how well you sing or how good your songs are, so take your time and stay true to your music.”

More recently Parker has just released her newest single ‘Rolling Stone,’ which tells the story of an artist’s journey to fame. ‘Rolling Stone’s upbeat tempo and powerful vocals make each and every line captivating and unique. ‘Rolling Stone’ can also be found via Spotify and iTunes.

In the future Parker, like any other artist, plans to take her music international and hopes to see herself at the Grammys as artist of the year.

Look for Parker and her self-titled EP via Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell me what you think by tagging @nextwomenofcountry.