Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ten New Songs To Check Out

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But I Want You -Camille Rae
Loaded Gun -Lauren Davidson
Welcome to the Party -Kelleigh Bannen 
Act Like You Don't -Brooke Eden
Village -Cam
Runnin' Into You -Towne
Secrets -Carrie Cunningham
Dreamin' -Laura Oakes
Blush -Maybe April
Infinite Love -Sara Evans

Sing It Again Alexandria Corn

Beginning her journey born and raised in upstate New York, Alexandria Corn was bound to pursue a career as a pop artist. That was until Alexandria made the trip, alongside Gloriana, to Nashville for CMA Fest. There she surprised herself, falling in love with the sounds and stories of country music, and decided to change course.

Though currently located in Los Angeles, Alexandria plans to make the move to Nashville in May, once her debut EP has been completed. There she’ll be able to work alongside her band and hopes to get picked up by a major label. With the help of her friend and mentor, Jillian Farrar, she also hopes to book a spot at the 2017 CMA Fest, an opportunity for Alexandria to perform among those who’ve inspired her along the way including women of country artists Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood.  

More recently, Alexandria released a new single titled “Say It Again,” advising her listeners to not be afraid of making the first move in a relationship. The official “Say It Again” music video can be found by clicking here.

On the move, but up for the challenge of making a name for herself in country music, Alexandria is sure one to look out for in the upcoming year. So make sure to check out Alexandria's music via iTunes, YouTube, and Soundcloud. You can also find Alexandria on her social media pages at alexandriacorn.

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Artists, New Music: Here's Ten More Songs to Check Out

Take That Shot -Shari Rowe
All or Nothing -Sarah Spencer
White Picket Fences- Alex Stern
She's Gone- Tiffany Ashton
I'm Making Mine -Erica Nicole
Settle -Steel Blossoms 
Landslide -Stevi Madison 
Smoke and Fire -Liv Waters
Young Love -Kelsie May
When I am With you -Merritt Whitley 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Brandy Neelly Will Never Stop Chasing Her Dream

Brandy Neelly rising country music singer and songwriter began performing at the age of 9 at jamborees and small events across the state.
At the age of 15 Brandy tried out for American Idol making it all the way to the final cut of Hollywood Week before live performances.  Determined and focused Brandy went back 3 more times and making same distance until season 2013 top 15 live television American Idol.
To quote Brandy she had been told "No" before but that she would never stop chasing for a "Yes:

Brandy then moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky to be closer to Nashville and the music scene, her hometown was Louisville, Kentucky.
Brandy values education and enrolled at Western Kentucky University to earn a degree in communication. Bowling Green has been a great fit for her to be close and involved with her music in Nashville and complete her education.
For the last 3 years Brandy has been a full time student and member of Delta Kappa. She has made at least 3 trips weekly to Nashville for writing sessions, some days attending class driving 1 hour to Nashville for 3 hour writing session, then an hour back to Bowling Green only to return to Nashville again later that night for writers round or performance.  Brandy performs writers rounds and showcases across Kentucky and Tennessee. Brandy also performs full band and has opened for the Kentucky Headhunters, Love and Theft, Mark Wills, Lucy Angel. Ted Nugent.  She also performs acoustic shows.
Brandy is a singer, songwriter, entertainer. Brandy has been teamed with a variety of writers to develop her song catalog. Brandy is working with a producer in Nashville to release her EP later this year.
Another great stepping stone in the advancement of her career was to be invited and accepted as a member of Sesac. Brandy is now signed with them and is very excited about all opportunities and working with her rep Cristina Wheeler.
Upon graduation this year Brandy plans to move to Nashville to continue to go forward with her career. Goals yes, publishing, label, and successful music career with longevity to follow like some of the greats, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire,  who are country music superstars. To quote several in the Nashville Music Industry Brandy is Superstar potential.  Brandy realizes  there are no guarantees in life but one thing is for certain Brandy believes hard work always pays off and if you set your goals, stay focused and continue the course great things can come about.
Brandy has goals and dreams and for her "A Dream that Won't Stop Playing"  Brandy does not want to look down the road and wish that she would have spent more time chasing them.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Get Ready To Miss Me" the Newest From April Kry [Listen Here]

Inspired by the female powerhouse singers in the 90s, rising country star April Kry has released her new single “Get Ready To Miss Me.” Combined with April’s impressive vocals, the song puts a modern twist on the 90s vibe all the while celebrating female empowerment. “Get Ready To Miss Me” is available on iTunes and Spotify yesterday.

“Growing up, I remember listening to such powerful female voices that inspired and empowered me. As I was writing and searching for songs to release for my next single and EP, this one stood out to me as something that's not only modern and fun that will resonate with a younger demographic, but a song that liberates and empowers the listener to take a stand for themselves in whatever circumstance or relationship they're in,” said Kry. “This message is so important to me, and needed right now in country radio! I hope y'all love it as much as I do.”
From a young age, Kry has always looked up to 90s country singers such as Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Shania Twain. In the forthcoming video for “Get Ready To Miss Me,” Kry recreates different iconic scenes from their most known music videos to honor the singers she has looked up to the most. You can check out “Get Ready To Miss Me” via iTunes, Spotify, or by clicking here.

Believers Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig Are Ready to Share Their Music With the World

Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig may be younger than most, but this powerful sister duo is already ready to showcase their musical talent to the world. Both sisters began their journey taking dance classes and participating in theatre productions, but it wasn’t until they began taking vocal lessons at age six when they discovered their passion for singing. The two began playing covers to share on YouTube and despite their opposite personalities the sister duo was ready to take the next step, thus Wild Fire was born.

Inspired by some of country’s best, including women of country artists Miranda Lambert, Raelynn, and Kelsea Ballerini, the two aspire to write uplifting songs that showcase their youth. The duo just recently released their newest single ‘Believe’ and hope to sign with a record label in Nashville.

For now the two are taking any opportunity they can to perform and share their music. This month alone, the duo is performing at the Continental Club in Houston, TX, Fuddruckers in Nassau Bay, TX, and at Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in Friendswood, TX. Most recently the two flew to Cleveland to film an episode of Upbeat Kidz Rock, a show that features young artists who write and perform their own music. The girls and their friends are ecstatic about Wild Fire’s television debut and hope people are able to relate to their music.

Despite their recent start in the music business, the girls are hard at work inspired by the quote “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” You can find Wildfire’s music via YouTube, Soundcloud, and their website at http://www.wildfiresings.com/. So make sure to share the story of these two talented believers and tell me what you think by tagging @nextwomenofcountry.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ten New Songs To Check Out

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Chasing the Sun -Zarah Strong 
Waitress -Lucy Cavalier
American Beauty -Abigail Wate
Daydreaming All Night -Bay Storey
Dial -Mary Heather Hickman 
White Picket Fences -Shelley Skidmore
Road Less Traveled -Lauren Alaina
Teenage Girl -Maddie Logan 
Sit Here and Cry -Aubrie Sellers
We Won't Go Home -Morgan Myles

Monday, September 5, 2016

Mary Heather Hickman: A Storyteller Ready For The Big Leagues

A storyteller born in small town El Dorado, Mary Heather Hickman, is ready to make the move to Nashville and enter the country music scene. Though born in a small town, Mary moved to Dallas at the age of five and was quickly introduced to country music. With a musical background on her dad’s side of the family, Mary was not afraid to jump right into performing. From talent shows to singing in church, Mary's childhood was consumed by music.

More recently, Mary auditioned for The Voice and had the opportunity to perform in front of the judges. Though not chosen, due to the lack of availability on each team, Mary wowed the judges and gained enough confidence to release a new single entitled ‘Dial.’

Inspired by her friend’s and her own experiences, ‘Dial’ tells the story of one calling another they fancy while drunk, later regretting the experience. Like ‘Dial,’ Mary’s songs are relatable to her audience and tell her story as an artist. Mary aspires to be the next Kacey Musgraves and hopes to make an impact on others while doing what she does best. Mary believes that all artists should “stay true to themselves” no matter what others may tell them.

Currently Mary is in her last year of college at the University of Arkansas and ready to make the move to Nashville as soon as she graduates.

So make sure to follow this future superstar as she journeys into the next step of her life and tell me what you think by tagging @nextwomenofcountry.

Mary's music can be found via iTunes, YouTube, and by clicking here.