Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blending Her Love Of Country And Rock Is New Artist Shelby Lanterman

Born and raised in Napa California, artist Shelby Lanterman was not exposed to country music at a young age. In fact Shelby was first introduced to classic rock by her father and often spent time listening to old records of his. As a child Shelby’s interests included baseball and reading the Harry Potter series, along with performing in her Grandmother’s choir. But it wasn’t until she picked up the guitar at age 12 when Shelby knew that she wanted to pursue a career in music.

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Inspired, Shelby learned the basics of songwriting and took a recording internship in Nashville.There she was immersed into the country music scene and found herself incorporating the genre into her own songs. Shelby’s sound now blends 90’s rock with country, allowing her listeners to appreciate both genres. A bookworm, Shelby’s songs play off of stories found in books. She also uses her own imagination to create stories of her own.

Riding the wave on her way to making a name for herself, Shelby has accomplished the release of her first album ‘Paper Thin.’ And with determination and a tenacious attitude, Shelby hopes to tour the world and share her love of music with others.

So make sure to check out Shelby’s music, which can be found via iTunes, Spotify, and her website at

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