Monday, September 5, 2016

Mary Heather Hickman: A Storyteller Ready For The Big Leagues

A storyteller born in small town El Dorado, Mary Heather Hickman, is ready to make the move to Nashville and enter the country music scene. Though born in a small town, Mary moved to Dallas at the age of five and was quickly introduced to country music. With a musical background on her dad’s side of the family, Mary was not afraid to jump right into performing. From talent shows to singing in church, Mary's childhood was consumed by music.

More recently, Mary auditioned for The Voice and had the opportunity to perform in front of the judges. Though not chosen, due to the lack of availability on each team, Mary wowed the judges and gained enough confidence to release a new single entitled ‘Dial.’

Inspired by her friend’s and her own experiences, ‘Dial’ tells the story of one calling another they fancy while drunk, later regretting the experience. Like ‘Dial,’ Mary’s songs are relatable to her audience and tell her story as an artist. Mary aspires to be the next Kacey Musgraves and hopes to make an impact on others while doing what she does best. Mary believes that all artists should “stay true to themselves” no matter what others may tell them.

Currently Mary is in her last year of college at the University of Arkansas and ready to make the move to Nashville as soon as she graduates.

So make sure to follow this future superstar as she journeys into the next step of her life and tell me what you think by tagging @nextwomenofcountry.

Mary's music can be found via iTunes, YouTube, and by clicking here.

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