Saturday, January 30, 2016

She Thought She Could And So She Did: Nikki Briar

The daughter of two aspiring musicians and the first female drummer at her school, Nikki Briar has always known she was destined to be the next great musician this country has ever seen. Her father, a Motown drummer, and her mother, a piano player, taught Nikki how to talk at a young age through their combined love of music. Listening to Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Jackson, Briar grew up familiar with every genre of music. Taught by her father and brother Nikki picked up the art of the drums before moving onto learning the guitar, the instrument she most often uses today. The next step for Nikki took place in New York City where she took singing lessons, modeled, and found herself in on and off Broadway musicals. After college Briar took a job as an elementary school music teacher and married a soldier who soon took off to Iraq. His absence forced Nikki to place all her attention towards her music career and inspired her song “Soldier’s Princess.” After some radio time and a positive response to her new song, Nikki became determined to continue sharing her story through music.
Not one who likes to categorize music, but a fan of the instruments and storytelling of country, Nikki declared herself a country music artist. She loves interacting and connecting with her fans and she hopes to perform at the CMA’s, something Next Women of Country would love to see as well. Along with the CMA’s Nikki plans to take her music international, adding to her fan base and doing what she loves for as many people as possible.
Next Women of Country is so grateful for this amazing artist and excited to feature her new album “Ain’t Just For the Boys” which showcases both the hard work and talent of so many women of country artists. Nikki can be found via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and on her website at